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Treat your Mascots to the Oddbods Spa Treatment!

Oddbods, we know how important keeping your mascot looking their absolute best is, and we are here to help. Our cleaning Spa Treatments ensure that all Mascots come back to you sparkling clean and ready for their next event!

The Spa Treatment is our cleaning service that ensures your mascots are professionally cleaned with care from head to toe. 
We use antiseptic and disinfectants and various cleaning agents to effectively deep clean each and every mascot. The Spa Treatment also offers up to half an hour of maintenance included, and if you need your mascot delivered, we can arrange a courier.
For any more serious repairs or replacement of items, we will arrange a quote for you to approve if needed (repair prices are $50.00 + GST per hour.)



Call us now to book your mascot in now on 1300 633 263


*We will endeavour to clean to the best of our ability for mascots that have not been built and created with us. However, we do reserve the right to refuse cleaning services if we believe that a mascot could be damaged in the cleaning process.