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A one-stop-shop for your custom mascot costume needs in Melbourne


Make your marketing campaign buzz with a quirky, unique promo character. We take your vision and make it real, no matter how crazy your concept might be. Our costumes are versatile, comfortable and give your performer freedom to bust out their signature dance moves.


Feelin’ hot hot hot? We’ve got just the thing to help you keep your cool. Our clever built-in cooling system – with ice vests and fans – will keep your performers fresh and full of beans. It also keeps your mascot in prime condition by protecting against sweat damage… gross!


Need a nose job? Too many body-rolls got you ripped at the seams? Had a change in your brand colours? There’s no need to have a brand new corporate mascot made. At Oddbods, we’re a one-stop-shop for alterations, repairs and adjustments


When things get a little grubby, we’re here to help. Forget trying to wrestle your Oddbod into the shower, we know just the tricks to keep him looking his best. Got a stain that won’t budge? We can do it. Whether your mascot is an Oddbod or not, we don’t discriminate. We provide the expert cleaning and maintenance service to extend the life of your costume… In fact, some of our Oddbods are in their 70s and still going strong!


If your mascot needs to sleepover, we’ll set him up with 5-star accommodation at our Oddbods HQ. He’ll leave our place feeling refreshed and in prime condition to get into action when you need him. We can also manage his travel arrangements – just let us know where he needs to be, and when, and we’ll make sure he gets there, all ready to roll in his custom made blue duffel bag.


Had a Cinderella moment and need to replace a shoe? We can replace any missing Oddbod parts that you need. We can also create a special body suit for your performer to wear inside the costume, to make it extra comfy. When it’s time to say goodbye, we can even help get your mascot to his final resting place. We dismantle, recycle and dispose of mascots to make sure that once they’re gone, they’re really gone. The last thing you want is your dearly departed mascot being revived from the tip and popping up at children’s birthday parties!