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Skilled, passionate and a little bit odd.

At Oddbods, our clients are like our family. Whether you’re a large corporate, small business, community group, school or sports team, we make it our business to get to know YOUR business. Our custom mascots are seen by millions of people around the world, and it’s our job to make sure they are as unique, creative and engaging as possible. We make sure they’re comfortable for the performers to wear, too.

We know that choosing an Oddbod can be a pretty big investment. That’s why we make sure your character will last the test of time. We’ve got plenty of optional extras to increase the durability of your mascot, and we’ll give you a 12 month guarantee on all defects (not that there’ll be any… We’re the best, remember?!) In addition, we will provide you with professional, detailed guidelines for cleaning your Oddbod to ensure it remains impeccably clean and in perfect condition. Explore our wide range of mascot costumes for sale, specifically designed for adults.



From making costumes in London’s theatrical West End, and helping to create one of the Royal wedding dresses, Rosemary Collyer has always had design working in her blood. In 1977, Rosemary established Animal & Odd-Bod Creators to bring her talent to Australian brands, creating custom corporate mascots in Melbourne. From day one, every Oddbods costume has been designed and hand-crafted by Rosemary and her small team.



Fast forward nearly forty years and after a change of ownership, our team has gotten a little bigger, a little odder, but no less passionate.Rosemary sold the family business to her daughter Karen in 2007 and our team now consists of 12 Oddbods creators who make corporate mascots and character costumes for an ever-growing list of brands, sports teams and businesses across Australia and the world. Our seamstresses and 3D creators still hand-make every single costume, and we’re constantly researching new materials and processes to make sure that we stay on top of our game.