Step 7

Your Oddbod is then packed safe and snug into its custom made bag, and is ready to ship to begin its song and dance!

Step 6

Strike a pose! We take some photos of your custom mascot strutting its stuff, for our records and to share with you.

Step 5

We get your Oddbod camera-ready by applying facial trims and adding final airbrush highlights.

Step 4

We apply the fabric coverings to the structural shape, and anchor them into place by hand.

Step 3

Once you approve the structural shape and fabric selection, we finalise the shape and our patterns, and start cutting and sewing the fabric coverings.

Step 2

Production starts with us creating a three-dimensional structural shape and we will source suitable fabrics, keeping in mind texture, corporate colours, durability, and washability. *Throughout this process, we liaise with you via phone, email, in person, or carrier pigeon, so you are involved in the shaping (literally!) of your mascot.

Step 1

You send us a concept brief of your Oddbod – what it looks like, what it will be used for, what its favourite colour is, what it likes to do on the weekend, etc.

Every costume is created with care and completed with satisfaction