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Keep your Mascot safe and snug!


All Oddbods Mascots come with their very own custom made blue duffel bag.

We understand that storing your mascot can take up quite a bit of room in your workplace or home. If your mascot needs to sleepover for a few nights, months or even longer, we are happy to put them up in our 5-star accommodation at our Oddbods HQ. Keeping them tucked away in a dry and secure place ensures they are mould-free and clean when you need them next. As we know, mascots are a significant investment and ensuring that they are kept in prime condition for their next outing is something we are passionate about. They’ll leave our place feeling refreshed, in excellent condition, and ready to get back into action, just a phone call* away for your next event. (*Contact hours of the office Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm)


Prices for mascot storage

Prices start from $100 per month*


We can also manage their travel arrangements – just let us know where they need to be and when*, and we’ll make sure they get there, travelling in style with their custom made blue duffel bag and off to be the star of your brand!
(*Travel costs will vary upon destination and time frame)


Call us now to book your mascot in now on 1300 633 263


*We will endeavour to clean to the best of our ability for mascots that have not been built and created with us. However, we do reserve the right to refuse cleaning services if we believe that a mascot could be damaged in the cleaning process.