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A year in review

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2023 – A year in review

As we stand on the brink of 2024, it’s a perfect moment to pause and look back at the whirlwind of creativity and fun we’ve had at Oddbods Mascots. This year, our brilliant, women-led team has outdone themselves, bringing to life a diverse range of mascots, each bursting with character and charm. From the whimsically wonderful to the delightfully daring, we’ve crafted mascots that are not just costumes, but embodiments of imagination.

We believe that a great mascot is more than just a suit – it’s a character that tells a story, a figure that becomes a symbol, and an extension of the brand it represents. This past year, we’ve seen an incredible variety of ideas brought to us, challenging us to push the boundaries of our creativity.

We’re lucky to have created mascots that range from towering, majestic creatures to tiny, enchanting beings, each with its unique flair. Our team has meticulously crafted each detail, ensuring that every mascot we create is a perfect fit for the brand it represents and the story it tells.

The journey of each mascot begins with an idea – a detailed vision from our clients. This year, we’ve worked closely with businesses, schools, sports teams, and community groups, taking their concepts and weaving them into tangible, dynamic characters.

Our design process is a dance of creativity and technical prowess, where every sketch and prototype is crafted with care and precision. We’ve experimented with materials, played with colours, and incorporated technology to bring each mascot to life in the most vibrant and interactive way possible.

What sets Oddbods Mascots apart is not just our ability to create a wide range of mascots but also our commitment to capturing the essence of each character. Our team isn’t afraid to dive into the unconventional, the quirky, and the outright bizarre – after all, it’s these unique qualities that make a mascot memorable.

As we look forward to 2024, we are filled with excitement for the new characters we’ll bring to life and the stories we’ll help you tell.

Our passion for crafting unique, imaginative mascots is stronger than ever, and we can’t wait to share more magical creations with you. Are you ready to bring a touch of Oddbods magic?

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