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When was the last time your mascot was cleaned?

Our Processes

Did you know your mascot should be professionally cleaned every 12 months?

When things get a little grubby, we’re here to help. Forget trying to wrestle your Oddbod into the shower; we know just the tricks to keep them looking their best. Got a stain that won’t budge? We can do it.

Whether your mascot is an Oddbod or not, we don’t discriminate. We provide expert cleaning and maintenance services to extend the life of your costume.

Fun fact: Some of our Oddbods are in their 30s and still going strong!

Our cleaning Spa Treatment ensures that your mascot comes back to you sparkling clean and ready for their next event. The Spa Treatment is our cleaning service that ensures your mascots are professionally cleaned with care from head to toe.

We use antiseptic, disinfectants, and various cleaning agents to effectively deep clean every mascot. The Spa Treatment also offers up to half an hour of maintenance included.

Not quite ready for the Spa Treatment or need some tips and tricks on daily maintenance?

1. Store your mascot in a cool, dry place when not in use to prevent sun damage and mildew build-up.

2. Gloves and feet are notorious for getting dirty and quickly; with all the handshaking, high-fiving, foot stomping and dancing, they receive some wear and tear. Therefore, we recommend having a second pair on hand to ensure that while one is being cleaned or repaired, you have another to use.

3. Regularly remove dust, dirt and light stains from your mascot to keep them in tip-top shape.

For any severe repairs, maintenance or replacement of items, we will arrange a quote for you to approve if needed (repair prices are from $50.00 + GST per hour).

Contact us today at 1300 633 263 to book a repair or clean.

About Oddbods Mascots

Are you looking for a company that specialises in creating custom-made mascots for your business? Then, Oddbods Mascots is what you are looking for.

We specialise in creating fun, unique and customised mascots for brands. We are the oldest mascot-creating company in Australia; we have the experience and skills to create mascots for your unique requirements. Contact us at 1300 633 263 for questions. Fill out our contact form to know more.

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