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Oddly spooky with Oddbods Mascots


We’ve always prided ourselves on our ability to craft the perfect mascot for any occasion, no matter how out-of-the-box the idea. Now is the perfect moment to showcase some of our more oddly spooky and wildly imaginative creations. If you’re searching for that extra touch of fun and creativity, we’ve got you covered.

1. The daunting dragon

There’s no better way to begin our spooky line-up than with the majestic, fearsome dragon. With scales that shimmer in shades of red and emerald green, our dragon mascot captures the mystery and power of these legendary creatures. The dragon is a guaranteed crowd-puller, whether soaring above a parade or guarding a haunted castle entrance.

2. The mysterious Yeti

Roaming the icy terrains of the Himalayas, the Yeti, also known as the ‘Abominable Snowman’, has been a subject of intrigue for centuries. Our take on this elusive creature blends wild charm and wintry elegance. Icy grey with piercing eyes, the Yeti mascot is perfect for creating a chilling atmosphere.

3. Bewitching bear

Bears might not be the first creature that comes to mind for the spooky season, but we transform them into enchanting forest guardians with a bit of Oddbods Mascots magic. Picture a bear with shades of midnight black for that spooky flair. Beware; this bear might just cast a spell on you!

4. The spindly spider

Watch out for that cheeky grin! Our spider mascot isn’t just about the eerie vibes; it carries a hint of mischief with its playful smile. While its gleaming eyes and sprawling legs add to its spooky charm, that cheeky smile ensures your event has a fun twist.

5. The dashing devil

Dive into the depths of the underworld with our devil mascot. With horns, a sharp tail, and a playful smirk, this character is as mischievous as it gets. The devil mascot brings a touch of fiery charm to any event or gathering.

6. The wise wizard

Last but not least, our wizard mascot is here to enchant and charm. With a long flowing robe and a pointed hat sprinkled with stars, the wizard is the embodiment of ancient magic and mystery. Set him against a backdrop of smoke and shadows for an otherworldly effect.

At Oddbods Mascots, we are excited by the opportunity to bring your wildest imaginations to life. Our mascots, each with its unique tale and character, are not just costumes but storytellers in their own right.

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