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Oddbods Mascots and the power of brand storytelling


Have you ever wondered how a mascot can supercharge your brand’s storytelling? The inclusion of a well-crafted mascot can offer unparalleled benefits. As a leading mascot maker in Australia, we don’t just make mascot costumes; we bring your brand’s story to life.

Let’s get real—traditional advertising is losing its charm. Consumers are after something relatable, something that resonates. Mascots do just that. A mascot is not merely a colourful costume; it is a compelling character that encapsulates your brand’s essence and core values. In an increasingly competitive market, mascots serve as an effective vehicle for emotional connection, augmenting traditional marketing efforts with relatability and enduring appeal.

Why Oddbods Mascots?

There are numerous vendors offering mascot costumes in Australia, but Oddbods Mascots stands apart in both vision and execution. Here’s why our services are unparalleled:

1. Bespoke design:
We believe that each brand has a unique story to tell. As such, our mascots are fully customised to resonate with your brand’s mission and ethos.

2. Functional excellence:
At Oddbods, we are acutely aware that mascots need to engage in dynamic activities, ranging from interactive events to stage performances. Our costumes are designed with the utmost attention to mobility and comfort.

3. Climate adaptability:
Given the diverse climate conditions in Australia, our mascot suits can be equipped with state-of-the-art cooling systems, including ice vests and fans, to ensure optimal performance under any circumstances.

4. Post-purchase support:
Our relationship with our clients extends beyond the point of sale. We offer comprehensive after-sales services that include repairs, alterations, and maintenance, all aimed at prolonging the lifespan of your investment.

Crafting a legacy with Oddbods Mascots 

By opting for Oddbods Mascots, you are not just acquiring a mascot suit; you are investing in a long-term brand asset. Our commitment is to help your organisation not only capture attention but also to build sustained engagement and brand loyalty.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your brand storytelling with a memorable, impactful mascot, Oddbods Mascots is your go-to source. We welcome clients from diverse industries and organisational sizes, extending our expertise and personalised service to each.

Embark on a transformative journey of brand storytelling with Oddbods Mascots, where imagination meets unparalleled craftsmanship.

About Oddbods Mascots

Are you looking for a company that specialises in creating custom-made mascots for your business? Then, Oddbods Mascots is what you are looking for.

We specialise in creating fun, unique and customised mascots for brands. We are the oldest mascot-creating company in Australia; we have the experience and skills to create mascots for your unique requirements. Contact us at 1300 633 263 for questions. Fill out our contact form to know more.

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