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Custom mascot designs: The Oddbods Mascots difference

Australian Made

From Australian schools to sports teams, from corporations to community groups, a unique mascot can bring your brand to life, symbolising your values, ethos, and character. As a leading provider of mascot costumes in Australia, we recognise the powerful impact of mascots. Mascots are more than just costumes for adults; they embody a brand or institution’s spirit, providing a visual representation that people can connect with on a deeper level.

At Oddbods Mascots, we bring your mascots to life with a unique process that sets us apart in the industry. As the go-to mascot maker in Australia, we pride ourselves on being experts in designing and creating custom mascots, whether they’re school mascots or for businesses.

Our journey begins by working closely with you to understand your vision, your brand, and what you want your mascot to represent. We value your input and ensure you are involved at every stage of the process. After all, no one knows your brand better than you!

One key aspect that sets us apart as a mascot maker in Australia is our dedication to creating mascots that are not only visually appealing but also practical. We understand that mascots are often required to move around, interact with audiences, and perform at events. With that in mind, our design process considers every aspect of functionality, from comfort to mobility, ensuring your mascot can do its job effectively.

Our mascots can be further enhanced with the incorporation of our cooling systems. We understand that a comfortable performer is an effective performer. Therefore, we can integrate innovative cooling features such as ice vests and fans to ensure your mascot stays cool and your performer stays comfortable.

At Oddbods, we also provide a comprehensive after-sales service that includes alterations, repairs, cleaning, and maintenance. We aim to ensure your mascot stays looking its best for as long as possible, maximising your return on investment.

When you choose Oddbods for your mascot needs, you’re not just investing in a costume; you’re investing in a unique embodiment of your brand that will create lasting memories, enhance brand engagement, and bring joy to your audience. With Oddbods Mascots, you are choosing a partner who values your vision and works tirelessly to bring it to life in the form of a distinctive, custom mascot.

About Oddbods Mascots

Are you looking for a company that specialises in creating custom-made mascots for your business? Then, Oddbods Mascots is what you are looking for.

We specialise in creating fun, unique and customised mascots for brands. We are the oldest mascot-creating company in Australia; we have the experience and skills to create mascots for your unique requirements. Contact us at 1300 633 263 for questions. Fill out our contact form to know more.

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