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How can mascots add value to your brand?


From the classic Sherrin football and Bakers Delight Breadhead to the many professional sports teams with iconic mascots, it’s clear that mascots are incredibly impactful for brand recognition. But how do they add value to your company?

Mascots and their importance to branding

Mascots serve as a primary way to break through the noise and grab the attention of a target audience. They humanise brands and build emotional connections and brand loyalty through recognition, repetition and association.

Mascots demonstrate a brand’s values and characteristics in a visually appealing and memorable way. They also increase brand recall and foster positive associations as they evoke strong emotions in individuals. Using a mascot for branding is a valuable tool for any business looking to gain a competitive edge in today’s crowded market.

Understanding the connection between a mascot and its audience

The connection between a mascot and its audience is rooted in the human tendency to anthropomorphism, to give human-like qualities to non-human objects. Therefore, a relatable, likeable, and memorable mascot can enhance brand recognition and loyalty, making it an essential component of any marketing strategy.

How to create an effective mascot that resonates with your target market?

In a saturated market, having a recognisable and influential mascot can be the key to success in marketing. However, creating a mascot that resonates with your target market is crucial.

It’s critical to pay attention to every detail, from the colours and design to the personality and backstory of the mascot. By taking the time and effort to create an effective mascot, your brand can stand out and build a strong connection with its
target audience.

Recognising different types of mascots

Understanding the different types of mascots is essential for any organisation or sporting team. There are a variety of mascots, from cartoon characters to animals to humans, and each can invoke a different emotional response
from fans.

The use of mascots is not just for entertainment but also for creating a sense of brand identity and team spirit. By recognising the different types of mascots and understanding their significance, fans can better connect with their teams and feel a stronger sense of pride in
their fandom.

Additional to sporting teams utilising and leveraging the benefits of a mascot, private enterprises can also find significant value in developing their brand identity and increasing company revenue. Think Disney or the
Michelin Man.

These companies have utilised their brand to create a mascot that is now synonymous with their company.

It takes a professional eye to recognise the nuances of different mascots and their meaning, and doing so will enhance the overall fan experience.

Crafting a unique tone of voice for your mascot to give it personality

Crafting a unique tone of voice for your mascot is essential to giving it a personality that resonates with your audience. Providing your mascot with a specific tone of voice can create trust in your business and establish your brand’s credibility. It also helps enhance the engagement between your brand and your audience.

It is important to remember that your mascot’s tone of voice should be consistent with your brand’s overall image, messaging and values. So if you’re an insurance company, your mascot should also reflect the same professional, concise demeanour in their communication with your audience.

A professional tone of voice doesn’t have to be boring or lack personality; it can still be humorous, warm, and engaging. Finding the right balance is the key to creating a successful mascot that represents your brand and connects with your audience personally.

Understanding how mascots can help strengthen your brand’s visibility and credibility is integral to creating a strong marketing strategy. By creating the right mascot for your brand, you can craft a unique tone and personality that resonates with your target market. When done correctly, having a mascot as part of your branding efforts can have powerful implications for visibility, engagement and sales conversions.

Thinking about other revenue opportunities your mascot could bring to your business is also critical. This can be in the form of additional merchandise, such as clothing and accessories, with your mascot embedded into the design. Fans love to feel part of a community. One way this can be achieved is by leveraging the enthusiasm around your mascot into additional apparel, which can, in turn, impact other revenue opportunities.

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