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Our History

A glimpse into our history books…

Elmo Gumm, or Elmo for short, was part of our original logo and letterhead, growing to represent the business as a whole and became our own mascot used at promotional trade shows.

Take a trip down memory lane, and you’ll discover Elmo’s roots, deeply embedded in the company’s inception. In our original company logo, there was Elmo, proudly standing as a cornerstone of the design.

Over the years, Elmo became more than a logo element. He was our mascot, our ambassador at promotional trade shows, and our partner in creating unforgettable moments.

There was an actor inside Elmo, giving him a voice, a personality, and a hearty sense of humour that never failed to draw a crowd. Elmo wasn’t alone, though. He was accompanied by a possum, a koala, and a wombat at the base to complete the ensemble.

Elmo was the unexpected delight at these trade shows, drawing everyone from corporate professionals to marketing attendees. With his cheeky charm Elmo always found a way to stop them in their tracks, to make them think, and to leave them with a smile.

However, as with all good things, Elmo’s time in the limelight had to end. He no longer graces our logo or dazzles at trade shows. Instead, Elmo is enjoying a well-deserved retirement, spending his days upstairs in our offices, looking out the window, basking in the Aussie sun.

Elmo’s presence may have faded, but his legacy lives on in our memories and the lasting impact he made. Here’s to Elmo – our true-blue mascot, our mate, and a symbol of our company’s vibrant history. Even though he’s not the star of the show anymore, he’ll always hold a special place in the Oddbods Mascots family.

Here’s to you, Elmo!

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