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Why your school needs a mascot


Is your school complete without a mascot? From increasing school pride to serving as an important symbol of identity, having a beloved mascot can make a difference in giving students and staff something special they can call their own. Mascots bring joy, a sense of enjoyment, and fun, but they also can provide powerful motivation towards success and achievement. So why should your school consider a custom mascot?

TurBEAU the Snail – Mascot costumes for sale
TurBEAU the Snail – Mascot costume – from Beaumont Hills Public School


Boost school spirit

A school mascot is a great way to inspire school spirit. It can add an element of personality and vibrancy to the campus atmosphere, promoting student morale and engagement while also energising the surrounding community. A distinguished custom mascot will help draw students together, inspiring dedication, motivation, and passion for school activities. In addition, having a mascot provides an opportunity for school values or ideals to be effectively embodied, ensuring that they continually uphold these core beliefs. Ultimately, having a school mascot is central to creating and sustaining enthusiasm for students and those in the broader community.

Spartan – Mascot costumes for sale
Spartan Mascot costume – from Ipswich Grammar School

Connect with alumni 

A key advantage of a school mascot is the sense of connection it can create with alums. Faculty, staff, and students can enjoy an iconic representation that connects them with their alma mater. For alums, wearing or showing off memorabilia related to the mascot can be a point of pride to symbolise their association with their former school. These symbols help maintain a sense of belonging within the alum community and strengthen relationships among graduates. A carefully crafted and beloved mascot can become more than just a recognisable face — it becomes an emblem that instils delight and nostalgia.

Promote school events

Including a school mascot in your school is the perfect way to increase excitement and attract attention towards any school event or activity. A mascot creates memorable moments and gives people something to be excited about, whether at a school assembly, sporting event, or other school or community gathering. Many schools have seen a surge in participation when they have incorporated a mascot into their events and activities. It emphasises the importance of having fun while also focusing on educational initiatives. This added anticipation encourages engagement from those attending the event due to the infectious atmosphere created by a mascot.

Star – Mascot costumes for sale
Star Mascot costume – from Brightwater State School

Showcase Unity

The addition of a mascot to your school can showcase and encourage school spirit and community. Mascots can act as an icebreaker between students and faculty as it is a common denominator within the school. The shared mascot gives everyone something they can bond over and rally around; it can be a figure that symbolises your school’s spirit and brings everyone together.

They can be essential for creating a unified student body. A mascot gives students something to rally around, giving them a sense of belonging in the school environment. A mascot can inspire a school community and cultivate positive relationships between students, staff and the local community. With a mascot in place, it’s easier to create an atmosphere of unity and friendship within the student body, which is essential for overall school morale.

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