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Women-owned and led from the beginning

Australian Made

Oddbods has always been proudly Australian-owned and run by talented and loyal women. All our staff work on mascots with the belief that if they are to have the Oddbods label sewn inside, then they have to be as perfect as possible. The outside look must meet the client’s expectations; wearability, safety and comfort are paramount, and the insides must look as neat and professional as possible.

Rosemary Collyer founded Oddbods as an extension of a fancy dress hire shop known as Ace Costume Hire. The mascot business began when a young troop of dancers approached Rosemary needing animal costumes for entertainment in a shopping centre. However, with experience and expertise as a seamstress, Rosemary was initially hesitant to take on the task. However, after a little convincing, she crafted her first mascots; the rest is history. The business quickly grew, and soon, Rosemary had to lease the shop next door to make room for her growing business. So in 1977, Animal & Odd-Bod Creators Pty Ltd began.

“Oddbods has gone from strength to strength over the years”.
– Karen Hoogenbosch – Owner

The success of Oddbods Mascots lies heavily in our incredible and dedicated staff. Some of whom have been with us for over 20 years!

Meet our team

Karen Hoogenbosch – Owner

Karen took over the operation of Oddbods Mascots in 2007 when her mum and aunts retired. Renaming the business to the name we now know and love, Oddbod Mascots, she oversees every aspect of the company, from conception to creation and everything in between.

Katie – Accounts Officer

Joining us in 2003, Katie began as our administration manager at our location in Station Street, Bayswater. She currently works one day a week, working from home with her little girl.

Rachael – Administration

Rachael is an essential part of the front-of-house department and has been with Oddbods Mascots for over 10 years, working as our Office Manager, front-of-house guru, receptionist and overlooking marketing.

Wendy – Production Manager

Wendy is our longest-serving employee and has been with us for over 20 years. She is an integral part of the team, our fantastic production manager and primary pattern maker. She keeps us on track and ensures the production room runs smoothly and efficiently.

Jacqui – Production

Jacqui is the master of the foam room and, with her team, creates all the fun foam shapes you see that transform our mascots into stunning finished products everywhere. She has been with us since 2005.

Oddbods Mascots has gone from strength to strength over the years. There have been many amusing stories, and we’ve weathered major economic storms and survived, which is no mean feat where manufacturing is almost non-existent in Australia—combined with being an all-female team, which is practically unheard of!

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